Coloma Ventures



We’re interested in entrepreneurs who have the commitment, talent, and discipline to turn creative ideas into thriving companies.

We have no particular sector emphasis or investment size restriction, but we do prefer companies with relatively low starting costs, an experienced founder at the helm, a significant competitive advantage and, ideally, the capacity to impact or disrupt their respective market or industry.


Our investors include many of Las Vegas’ most influential business leaders and have extensive knowledge and experience with investing in and growing companies of all sizes, from web start-ups to corporations with thousands of employees, from inception to IPO.

Our team is comprised of experts in all aspects of venture capital including finance, legal matters, corporate governance, intellectual property, and private placements. We have founded, operated, scaled, and sold companies, and we understand first-hand the challenges and opportunities that young companies face.

Along with seed capital and financial resources, our entrepreneurs benefit from the full range of our expertise and notable business connections. Our job is simple; we provide our start-ups with all the resources and guidance they need to transform big ideas into viable companies.


We believe the most powerful ideas are concise and have a strict clarity of purpose. You should be able to summarize your business on the back of a business card.

We like business plans that present the important information in an organized and coherent manner.

The following information, emailed in a 10 – 20 slide PowerPoint presentation, is all that is needed:

  • Company Overview
  • Team
  • Market
  • Competition
  • Business Model

Although Coloma Ventures is open to receiving information about new companies, we ask entrepreneurs not to submit any information or materials considered proprietary or confidential. Due to the large number of business plans and related materials that we review, and the similarities in such plans and materials, we cannot accept responsibility for protecting against disclosure of confidential or proprietary information.

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